Lola Ribar d.d. is not only the biggest and oldest Croatian producer of sanitary products and cotton and gauze hygiene products, but also one of the biggest producers in this part of Europe. Experience of nearly a century enables our products to be present on the world market.


There was a workshop called Tulić Mlin on the left bank of the river Mrežnica not far from Karlovac from 1932. The vicinity of the river and the Mrzlo polje railway sta- tion were crucial for the owner in choosing that location for his workshop. The workshop gradually started producing bandages and cotton wool. The waterfall on the river Mrežnica was suitable for building a hydro power plant, which provided running power independent of external factors.

By the end of World War II this workshop had developed into one of the most important factories of the time. Like other private property, after the war it was taken away from its owners and nationalised. It was first officially registered on 22 March 1947 under the name Lola Ribar Karlovac Factory of Sanitary Products.

Since then it went through several organizational changes, like the merging with the Marama scarves factory in Turanj in 1950. In 1973 it was again reorganized on the lines of the “Basic Organizations of Associated Labour”, known as OOURs. A year later it merged with the Vrpca OOUR from Krnjak. In 1990, just before the introduction of democracy, the OOURs were dissolved and from then to its transformation into a private company “Lola Ribar” operated as a single socially-owned company. In 1993 “Lola Ribar” became a joint-stock company.

2008 brought restructuring, production and product modernization, the development of marketing activities and positioning.


Lola Ribar d.d. is the only industry of sanitary products in Croatia, and one of the biggest in Europe. We are distinguished by our use of the highest-quality materials for the production of all kinds of gauze and cotton wool for medical use and personal hygiene.

The top-quality finest cotton that we use is the trademark of our company.

We are one of the leading producers of sanitary products in the area of ex-Yugoslavia.Our seat is in the city of Zagreb, 54 Radnicka Street and our factory is located only 60 kilometers from Zagreb, in the city of Karlovac, in 97 Rijecka Street. Our main activity is the production of gauze and gauze products (all kinds of gauze, sterile and non-sterile compresses, abdominal bandages, sets etc.), as well as the production of cotton wool and cotton wool products (zigzag cotton wool, surgical cotton wool, sanitary napkins, cosmetic pads, cotton swabs etc.). Other registered activities are wholesale and agency, retailing cosmetic and hygiene products, and storage. We are also exporters and importers.

Our annual production is about 11,000,000 m2 of gauze and gauze products and 400 t of cotton wool and cotton wool products.


The top-quality natural materials we use for our products are without synthetic additives. A modern design and a competitive price are the bases of our business philosophy, which our custOmers have recognized. Another important fact confirms our success – the recognition of our brand by the users of our products is a value that developed through time and which continues to grow.

Lola Ribar d.d., as the leading producer of sanitary products in the region, is always trying to improve quality and provide satisfaction to its customers. One of the goals of our company is to introduce new products and modernize exi-sting ones as we try to keep up with trends of development in the world.


Our product range is 50% domestic and 50% on export, mainly European market. Domestic market share is 60% and is constantly increasing. We deal with hospitals, polyclinics, health centers and pharmacies throughout Croatia, which enable us to have renowned hyperthyroidism. Our network of merchant travelers enables us to be present in numerous chains. Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan are also our important markets on which we export.


Our fundamental principle is care for and responsible behaviour to the environment in the processing of high-quality raw materials and production. In order to provide our customers with complete satisfaction, we continually follow ecological trends as we upgrade our long experience in making products that suit market demands.

The location of our factory next to the river Mrežnica, which is one of the most beautiful Croatian rivers, is constant motivation in waste management and the prevention of any harmful effects on the environment. All our activities are in compliance with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia, the European Union and the countries with which we do business.


Quality of our products are in line with international standards ISO 9001:2015 for customer goods
and EN ISO 13485:2016 for medical devices as weal with European Directive MDD 93/42/EEC. The
cosmetic line is aligned with Regulation 1223/2009.

General use items are in compliance with the Ordinance on the Health Care of Consumer Goods (NN 125/2009), Directive on certain aspects of the sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees (1999/44/EC), Ordinance on the health of materials and articles coming in direct contact with food (NN 125/2009), Commission Regulation on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food (EC No 10/2011), the Ordinance on the Safety of Toys (NN 83/2014) and Directive on the safety of toys (2009/48/EC).

Quality of our distribution brands products are in accordance with European regulations and they
are submitted for testing in accredited laboratories on regular basis.