Self-adherent gel sheet for scar treatment. Contains a conformable layer of translucent (Silfix) silicone gel and a smooth polyurethane outer layer, which improves wearability and patient compliance.


Remove Advasil Conform from the package, remove the liner and place the gel side to the scar. For smaller scars Advasil Conform can be cut to size. For larger scars use additional sheets of Advasil Conform and place side by side. Advasil Conform should be washed with warm water and mild soap at least once a day. Gently wipe the product with a dry cloth and ensure it is dry before re-applying it. Avoid using strong soaps and detergents as they could damage the silicone and cause skin irritation. The product is not suitable for use when it loses its adherence.

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ADVASIL CONFORM 10x15 cm CR3832 000000171306 5