Hydrophilic foam dressing with a border and a soft silicone layer along the whole surface. Advazorb Border is an absorbent, atraumatic, self-adhesive dressing with a unique perforated soft silicone wound contact layer.

The soft silicone layer gently adheres to the surrounding dry skin, but not to the wound, ensuring secure adherence and atraumatic dressing removal. This combination ensures the dressing comfortably stays in place while minimizing the potential for maceration.

Advazorb Border is a waterproof dressing which does not require secondary fixation.


A primary and secondary dressing for wounds with moderate to heavy exudate:

Pressure ulcers
Lower leg ulcers
Diabetic foot
Epidermolysis bullosa

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ADVAZORB BORDER 7,5x7,5 cm CR4190 0209031122016 10
ADVAZORB BORDER 10x10 cm CR4191 0209031123103 10
ADVAZORB BORDER 12,5x12,5 cm CR4192 0209031123102 10
ADVAZORB BORDER 15x15 cm CR4193 0209031123104 10
ADVAZORB BORDER 20x20 cm CR4195 0209031123105 10
ADVAZORB BORDER 10x20 cm CR4194 0209031123106 10
ADVAZORB BORDER 10x30 cm CR4196 0209031123107 10