Anatomically shaped dressing to fit the sacrum with a border and a soft silicone layer along the whole surface. Advazorb Sacral is a hydrophilic foam dressing for wounds with moderate exudate.

Advazorb Sacral adheres to dry skin surrounding the wound and can be easily lifted for adjustment without losing its adherent properties.

Advazorb Border Sacral is a waterproof dressing which does not require secondary fixation.


A primary and secondary dressing for wounds with moderate to heavy exudate:

Pressure ulcers
Lower leg ulcers
Diabetic foot
Epidermolysis bullosa

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Product name Cat. No. CHIF code Pcs per package
ADVAZORB BORD.SACRUM 17x19 cm CR4401 0209031123108 10
ADVAZORB BORD.SACRUM 22x23 cm CR4402 0209031123109 10