Hydrophilic foam dressing with a soft silicone wound contact layer. The soft silicone adhesive ensures that the dressing does not stick to the wet surface of a wound bed or cause trauma to delicate new tissue upon dressing removal. This is particularly suited for patients with delicate skin.


A primary and secondary dressing for wounds with moderate to heavy exudate:

Pressure ulcers
Lower leg ulcers
Diabetic foot
Epidermolysis bullosa

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Product name Cat. No. CHIF code Pcs per package
ADVAZORB SILFIX 10x10 cm CR4178 0209031123087 10
ADVAZORB SILFIX 12,5x12,5 cm CR4179 0209031123099 10
ADVAZORB SILFIX 15x15 cm CR4180 0209031123100 10
ADVAZORB SILFIX 20x20 cm CR4182 0209031123101 10
ADVAZORB SILFIX 10x20 cm CR4181 0209031123098 10