Advazorb is a non-adherent, soft, comfortable dressing made from polyurethane foam. The non-adherent foam dressing is ideal for wounds with medium exudate. Advazorb has a high capacity for fluid absorption and retention within the dressing, which makes it ideal for use under compression bandaging.

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Product name Cat. No. CHIF code Pcs per package
ADVAZORB 5x5 cm CR4221 0209031118024 10
ADVAZORB 7,5x7,5 cm CR4165 0209031118025 10
ADVAZORB 10x10 cm CR4166 0209031119097 10
ADVAZORB 12,5x12,5 cm CR4167 0209031119098 10
ADVAZORB 15x15 cm CR4168 0209031119100 10
ADVAZORB 10x20 cm CR4169 0209031119099 10
ADVAZORB 20x20 cm CR4170 0209031119101 10