A gift pack with sterile products from our line of sterile biodegradable products, which includes baby cotton pads, cotton pads, cotton buds and sanitary napkins packaged in a paper bag. The whole product is 100% biodegradable and 100% sterile. Dermatologically tested. Microbiologically approved.

Product name Product code EAN code Transport packaging
Lola lady mesh sanitary napkins, 10 pcs—bio 1716 3858890795301 3
Lolete sensitive cotton pads, 100 pcs—bio; 1717 3858890795325 2
Lolete natural maxi cotton pads, 60 pcs—bio 1718 3858890795349 3
Loli cotton buds, 160 pcs—refill bio 1719 3858890795363 1
Box—gift box with a lid—bio