LO&LA Soother

Lo&La soothers are designed for everyday baby soothing in classic boy and girl colours: blue and pink.

The safety ring on the soother enables you to easily take out the baby’s soother at any time.

The soothers can be easily sterilised by boiling in water or in a steriliser. For hygienic reasons, replace the soother once every 4 weeks.

Our offer includes classic soothers, which come packaged as a set of two, and butterfly soothers, which are individually packaged.

• All Lo&La line soothers are made from silicone
• A symmetrical silicone teat follows the natural development of the baby’s palate, teeth and gums
• BPA free
• Comes in three sizes: 0+, 6+ and 12+ months
• Available in blue and pink

Product name Product code EAN code Transport packaging
Lo&La “Classic” silicone soother, 0+ months, 2/blister 10101 RP 3858890793741 2 24
Lo&La “Classic” silicone soother, 6+ months, 2/blister 10102 RP 3858890793758 24
Lo&La “Classic” silicone soother, 12+ months, 2/blister 10103 RP 3858890793765 24