Lo&La silicone teats include an anti-colic system to prevent colic. We offer teats with different flow rates to suit your baby as they grow. Please note that the baby age indications are approximate values, as babies develop at different speeds. All teats are packaged in sets of two. Gentle flow teats come in three feeding sizes: Slow flow (tea and water), Medium flow (milk, formula) and Fast flow (dense liquids or dense food).

• Lo&La line soothers are made from silicone
• A symmetrical silicone teat follows the natural development of the baby’s palate, teeth and gums
• BPA free
• 3 soother sizes: 0+, 3+ and 6+ months
• All teats are compatible with all Gentle flow line bottles

Product name Product code EAN code Transport packaging
Lo&La “Gentle flow” S silicone teat (slow flow), 0+ months, 2/blister 10201 RP 3858890793802 12
Lo&La “Gentle flow” M silicone teat (medium flow), 3+ months, 2/blister 10202 RP 3858890793819 12
Lo&La “Gentle flow” 330 ml plastic bottle, S teat (slow flow), 0+ months 10203 RP 3858890793826 12
Lo&La “Gentle flow” L silicone teat (fast flow), 6+ months, 2/blister 10204 RP 3858890793833 12