These very strong elastic CREPE bandages help hold bandage fabric or dressings in place. Exceptional elasticity of the bandage of 90–130% allows joints and other body parts to move easily, without it sliding down. The bandages are skin-coloured and come in various sizes. Basic composition: 98% cotton, 2% elastane. Washable. Elastic crepe bandages are packaged in individual PE packets.

110–130% elasticity
Individual packages
98% cotton, 2% elastane

If there are any injuries in the area where the elastic woven bandage is being applied, first apply sterile primary dressing.
Wrap the bandage in a circular motion, making sure that it is tight enough to ensure light compression on or immobilisation of the treated area, while also ensuring there is sufficient circulation in that area.
Having wrapped the bandage around the treated area, secure it from unwrapping appropriately using special clips, safety pins or medical / surgical tape.
Regularly change the dressing and bandages
This is a non-sterile product. It may not be used as primary wound dressing.