Vazelete paraffin sterile gauze dressings are made from hydrophobic, soft and breathable 100% cotton impregnated with a neutral oil base, a white paraffin for surface wound treatment. The dressings come in five different sizes, and are used as the primary dressing, to protect the wound from direct contact with the secondary absorbent dressing and prevent further damage to the skin surrounding the wound. Neutral to the skin. Do not stick to the wound.

To promote the healing of wounds, cuts, lacerations, ulcers and in case of skin transplants. May be applied with wound agents. Before use, please read the instructions for use.
1) Clean your hands before changing wound dressings.
2) Gently dry the wound and the surrounding skin.
3) Open an individual packet/box.
4) Remove the protective paper from both sides of the dressing.
5) Gently place the dressing onto the wound.
6) If necessary, cover the paraffin gauze dressing with an absorbent cotton dressing.
7. Secure with medical / surgical tape or bandage.

• Use to promote wound healing
• Individually packaged in sterile packets

Product name Product code Description EAN code Transport packaging
Lola Care Vazelete 5x5 paraffin gauze a1 1245 A cardboard box, 50 pcs 3858890790719 12
Lola Care Vazelete 10x10 paraffin gauze a 1 1246 A cardboard box, 10 pcs 3858890790696 30
Lola Care Vazelete 10x20 paraffin gauze a1 1247 A cardboard box, 10 pcs 3858890790702 15
Lola Care Vazelete  10x30 paraffin gauze a1 7141 A cardboard box, 10 pcs 3858890790726 15
Vazelinska tamponada 10cmx7 m a1 7142 A plastic box, 1 pcs 3858890790573 10