An alginate wound dressing available in the form of a swab or tape to fill in cavities. When in contact with the wound exudate, a soft biocompatible gel forms that maintains a moist healing environment for wounds with moderate to heavy secretion.
May remain on the wound for up to 7 days (depending on the exudate).


Heavy exudate
Stage II-IV pressure ulcers
Lower leg ulcers
Diabetic foot
Burns up to 2b degree
Pilonidal sinuses

Product name Cat. No. CHIF code Pcs per package
FARMACTIVE ALGINATO 5x5 cm 1701370505 0218031101007 10
FARMACTIVE ALGINATO 10x10 cm 1701371010 0218031102020 10
FARMACTIVE ALGINATO 10x20 cm 1701371020 0218031102021 5
FARMACTIVE ALGINATO 30 cm ROPE 1701380001 0218031103009 5